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1 Oz. of .999 fine silver - Decentralize all the things in style with this gorgeous silver round by Silver Bullet Silver Shield.

No one despises centralized control like Amagi Metals. Governments around the world have consolidated their efforts and policies to small groups that control the masses, leading to needs unmet and disruptive financial practices. Take the United States for instance...there are 300 million+ people here and the federal government gets to tell all 300 million what they can, and can not, consume. This of course has been challenged by individual states (Colorado for example) and proved to be an unsustainable practice that loses out on the job the government seems to be so proud of: protecting the greater good.

We are happy to provide our customers with a silver round that sends the message to leaders that the control of our money supply is coming to an end: the 1 Oz. .999 Fine Silver Decentralized Round from Silver Bullet Silver Shield.

The round has an intricate design with a motherboard as the background and a large “D” to represent decentralization. The D logo has the same flavor and money signs coming from its top and bottom, just like the “Bitcoin” symbol. Around the outside of the round reads the words: “Commodity banks and cryptocurrencies render central banks obsolete.” What a powerful message! Banks that hold their reserves and back their currency by hard assets and cryptocurrencies that are backed by a decentralized computer network are the future of money. They are all apart of the “Decentralized currency revolution” - the words that run along the bottom of the round.

The reverse of the round is the famous reverse that can be seen on the entire line of Silver Bullet Silver Shield rounds. The top and bottom read their mission: “A conscious solution to a collective problem”.

Silver Bullet Silver Shield’s owner and operator, Chris Duane, has outwardly spoken about Bitcoin being a ponzi scheme that may or may not be co-opted by the CIA, however this round still exists. The market wants this round to spread the message, including you.

F.A. Hayek came up with the theory of “The Knowledge Problem” - one of the greatest arguments against centralized power. It explains that there is no way one small group of people can gather the amount of information needed to solve a population’s issues in a timely fashion. You can plug in any human need into the equation, like money or healthcare. By the time government collects the data of the needs of its citizens, the information will likely be outdated. Because of this, Hayek argues for individuals to localize their needs (not with local government), but instead take on personal responsibility and work with smaller groups to provide needs - basic and niche.

This is where cryptocurrencies play an integral role in the escape from statism. The technology of Bitcoin encompasses a new way for us to transact as well as function outside of government and still provide credible and tangible records of important documents, licenses, and other information.

So let’s talk about Bitcoin as a currency: Bitcoin is a decentralized finite digital currency (typically shown as a lower case “b” when talked about as a currency) that was introduced in 2009. The creator goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, whose real identity is unknown. What makes it decentralized is that no one institution has control over its production, distribution, or security, and it is not regulated by any government or corporate institution (yet). Bitcoin is the leader in a new form of currency – cryptocurrencies (which gets the name from the cryptography used to secure these digital coins).

Bitcoin isn’t perfect: even the staunchest supporters will admit the protocol isn’t flawless. 

But it’s spawned a shift in the way we – bankers, governments, and ordinary people – think about money. Best of all, a world-wide network of enthusiasts are racing to develop other cryptocurrencies – addressing Bitcoin’s weaknesses of security, scalability, privacy & volatility to name a few. But they’re also hard at work creating 3rd party applications and support services like currency trading platforms, exchanges, payment gateways, mainstream finance interconnections, and offline usage – technologies useful for Bitcoin, similar protocols, and other decentralized monetary systems like Commodity Banks. 

In the free market, as good ideas flourish and bad ideas are rendered obsolete, the trend towards decentralization is in motion and will come with both risks and rewards. But in the end, the result just may be, after thousands of years of marching steadily towards darkness.

This is a great round to add to your collection or give as a gift to your favorite bitcoin-crazed friend. The item is currently in pre-order status and will be available within the next two weeks. Shop online or give us a call to place your order 1-800-578-4653 - let’s decentralize all the things!

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Mint / Brand Private Mint
Year No
Type Round
Composition .999 Fine Silver
Measurement Diameter 39mm
Item Weight No
Ira Approved? No
Condition Proof-Like
Mintage No
Denomination No

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