100 oz Silver Bar .999 Fine Silver

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You will receive a 100 oz Silver Bullion Bar. Each bar contains .999 fine silver and will be a bar of our choice. Some of the bars we ship are Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, and NTR. Start stacking today.
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Secondary market 100 ozt .999 fine Silver Bars available from Amagi Metals are an excellent way to preserve your wealth in Silver Bullion Bars. Each bar is guaranteed to contain 100 troy oz of .999 fine silver and will vary in design, dimension, and mint. If you are not particular about the condition and mint your 100 oz silver bars originate you’ll be purchasing one of our lowest premium products as a result of sourcing through secondary market. This is a fantastic deal for someone looking to preserve their wealth in 100 oz silver bullion bars!

100 troy oz Silver Bars are a compact and easily storable way to hedge against inflation. This may be a product preppers or those who barter often should consider for trading fiat along with 90% silver coins. The 100 ozt silver bars are impressive, and substantial enough to know you are holding real money. The 10 oz bars may come in a vinyl sleeve or come without any barrier at all, 100 ozt bars come as is, in protective mail packaging. 

Silver is one of the oldest forms of currency in the world dating back in usage 3,000- 4,000 years and can be easy to trade and circulate. With utility use in silverware and industrial uses in electronics and vehicles, silver has endured as an investment tool through time guarding against inflation.

In the medical field, uses for silver are abundant. Silver is incorporated into creams, antibiotic coating on medical devices, and dressing for wounds as it shows antimicrobial properties killing bacteria when in sufficient concentration. Silver-halide X-rays remain popular today in developing countries because of its accuracy and cost effectiveness compared to digital technology.

Malleability and luster make silver a perfect choice for jewelry. Since Silver is so soft, it must be alloyed with base metals such as copper when used in jewelry. Sterling Silver is often used and is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

The superior conductivity of Silver make it a great choice of metal to work with in the electronics field. They can be used keyboards, audio connector cables, speaker wires, batteries, and so much more! Hi-fi enthusiasts insist silver wires improve sound quality.

Subsequent to the end of the silver standard, silver bullion has lost it’s role in legal tender within developed countries. However, there are some instances that government mints make bullion coins with nominal face values such as the American Silver Eagle Coin with a $1 face value or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin with a $5 face value. In the US, silver was used in circulated coinage up until 1965. In 1971, Nixon deemed it would no longer redeem currency for gold or any other precious metals. This was known as the Nixon Shock and by 1973 the Bretton Woods system was replaced by fiat currency which is still in practice today.

Amagi Metals is happy to offer this low premium silver bullion product to our customers for purchase.  Our 100 oz silver bar prices are some of the best on the market. Order yours today through our secure ordering system and call 800-578-4653 with any questions you may have.  

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Composition .9999 Fine Silver
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Item Weight 100 ozt
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