New Products: Slave Uncle and Silver Bull 1 ozt. Round by Silver Shield

Two new products from the ever anticipated Silver Shield collection are now available for order at Amagi Metals. The Uncle Slave round comes in such a timely fashion after we all just participated in the yearly Tax-Day madness. You know, that time of year where you are reminded who really owns your money and hard-earned money. Pick up an Uncle Slave today – he “Wants You!”


Another new product at the Amagi Metals store is the Silver Bull 1 ozt. Round. The tried and true stackers will love this round and everything it stands for. Although silver is seeing a bit of a dip as of late (a dip expected by many influentials in the industry), stackers around the country see a bullish future on the horizon for silver.


To place an order online click the images above – or call us at 1-800-882-8496 to place your order over the phone. Thanks Silver Shield for releasing more great pieces for our customer base. Always impressive and thoughtful designs!

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