1 Oz Gold Elemetal Bar

  • 1 Oz Gold Elemetal Bar

1 Oz Elemetal Gold Bar - .9999 Fine Gold

Solid 1 oz Gold Elemetal Gold Bar. Each bar comes in Uncirculated condition and contains .9999 (24k) fine gold.

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The future is now. Each Elemetal gold Bar comes with a variety of security features to help fight fraud, including UV light integrity seal verification, a unique serial number, QR code, and blister tamper evidence.
Each solid 1 oz gold bar comes in Uncirculated condition Containing .9999 fine gold (24K). Weighing 1 troy ounce (31.103 grams) the Bars come sealed in a Creditcard Security Case to protect against oxidation and damage. Creditcard Security Cases are standard for products of this sort in the precious metals industry industry.
The front of the bar displays information such as the fineness and the weight of the product, as well as the Serial Number and the OPM logo. Also the QR code can be found on the front. All this information and more can be found on the back of the Creditcard seal aswell. The back of the bar is the OPM logo, inner twisting ribbons in an O like shape, repeated in a diagonal pattern.
Ohio Precious Metals (frequently abbreviated as OPM) is a mint with a pristine reputation in the industry. In fact, they are one of the largest refineries in the country. They provide “good delivery” gold and silver to the entire world. The mint and corporate facility are located in Jackson, OH in south central Ohio, its home since 1974. Jackson OH has roughly a population of 6,300 and is named after president Andrew Jackson who waged war on the national bank of his time and has become a symbol for advocates of sound money. This location is over 168,000 square feet and has over 150 employees. Their website hosts a beautiful video of the refining process of gold and silver -watch as they pour the 2000+ degree gold into a bar! Similar neat visuals can be found on the website. Started in 1974, the mint has gone through several different ownership and name changes before finally settling in about 2003. In 2012, Ohio Precious Metals merged with Northern Texas Refining (NTR) to consolidate production and drive down consumer costs. NTR boasts an impressive track record in networking and marketing in the past. Operating over 75 locations globally, NTR makes shipping of OPM products easier, quicker and cheaper. This portion of the business, combined with the vast knowledge of production and the industry from OPM made this business merger exciting for all parties involved: the company got to grow while retailers and wholesalers received even better prices on their goods. In fact, OPM bars and rounds are consistently some of the lowest priced pieces of bullion on the internet - and here at Amagi Metals! The greater volume of silver produced by these merged companies, the lower the price they can offer to their customers - an equation we really enjoy!

The refinery prides itself in the Responsible Source Refinery certification, making it one of the “greenest” precious metal facilities in the country. 1 oz OPM Gold Bars are made of recycled gold and have been certified green by Scientific Certification Systems Inc., a global leader in sustainability and certifier of choice for recycled precious metals. SCS assists companies, policymakers and government agencies in obtaining accountability;along with a healthy competitive edge. SCS dates as far back as 1984. Originally incorporated with the name Ohlone Inc, the company changed it’s name in 1988.
IRA approved these gold bars are perfect for savings and hedging against inflation. Arguably the most secure 1 oz gold bar on the market and in some cases the cheapest, especially here at Amagi, this 1 oz gold bar by Ohio Precious Metals is a must have for the precious metals enthusiast or investor. Buy yours today through our secure online system or give us a call at 800-578-4653.

Mint / Brand OPM/NTR
Condition Uncirculated
Composition .9999 Fine Gold
Type Bar
Item Weight 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams)
Ira Approved? Yes

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