Free Market Update 6/7/2013

Gold Closing Price: $1,378.70 (-$33.30)

Silver Closing Price: $21.57 (-$1.11)

The dollar strengthened today, but both gold and silver closed lower. Gold had its biggest one-day drop in over three weeks.

Unfortunately the French government has decided to ban the shipments of precious metals. This was not reported in the mainstream news. Because of this legislation, we no longer ship to France. We are sorry for all the people in France who are affected by this horrible decision.

Employment was slightly higher than predicted. Go private sector! However investors do not believe the Fed will stop its rampant bond buying program, known as Quantitative Easing Indefinitely (QEI), until September at the earliest.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, Obama defends secret internet surveillance of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and other tech companies with the guise of thwarting terrorist attacks. How often is this excuse going to be used before individuals realize that we no longer have privacy?

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